Baking Tray review By Perfectionist

The other day I went with the rest of the gang (Frequently Chic and Scrambled Egg) to the Baking Tray. It was a great experience. We enjoyed our order while we were discussing some of the blog’s issues. It is a quiet place to have such meetings.

We ordered:

– Chai w 7aleeb (it was good, scrambled egg 3jabha wayed bs ana ma 3rft a76 ilnesba ilma’9bo6ah 3ashan y6la3 7elow though it was good)

– Date Cake (Frequently Chic ordered it galat it was good)

– Garlic Chicken Avocado sandwich (I ordered it and it was great! wayed wayed yaztlii)

– Chocolate chip cookies (WOOOOOW its the best thing we ordered, kan wayed latheeth)

– cafe latte (Also  Frequently Chic ordered it w 3jabhaa)

The service was good, as I said it’s one of the best places to setup a meeting. Bs la ekoon za7ma ;$


July 11, 2011. Tags: , . By Perfectionist.

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