“8raish” or “قريش ” Frequently Random!

Today, elsa3a 9:00 pm we9alna ana (Perfectionist) w Frequently Chic and Scrambled Egg 7ag mojama3 ilzahra eli bel salmeya ..

As usual and unusually on the same time, we had our 8raish gathering bedal la ykon reyoog 9aar 3asha .. OK! ^_^

re7na elgahwa eli ta7at and we really had a great time 7mdulla..

ilga3da kanat hdoo2 w ’97k w ‘3shmarah .. w had some serious talk about the blog bs hal kalam ma 6awal wayed ! 😛

6alabna cheese pizza for Scrambled Egg w ana 6alabt mozzarella with tomato sandwich w Frequently Chic 6lebat date cake w kanat #woow *just to let u know*

hathool shwayat 9owar ..

Hatha lama 5ala9na kil shai .. 😛 kelsh ma kena ywa3ah


August 1, 2011. By Perfectionist.

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