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One of the best online shopping sites i have ever visited  ” ”

We inter viewed its OWNER..

Leaving you with THE INTERVIEW.


1 – What did inspire you to get this name Dark Diva ? 
I used to imagine that pretty , smart, attractive & mysterious girl, who walks with elegance & confident , & I always wanted to be that diva! So i decided to make my customers feel that way instead , through my products & offerings.2 – Why did you choose this style ? Celebrities fashion ?
In fact, its not only celebrities fashion , but also top trends and fashionable picks! i wanted to have such a unique concept , not a copy fro any other local business. Besides I found that the market does`nt address that need of the young generation whose following hollywood celebrities stars , such as : Kim Kardashian , Beyonce, Rihanna, Nichole Richie, Ciara , etc.. So I started to concentrate more on this field .

3 – On what basses you selected your brands?
I have selected my brands according to many factors, such as : quality, trendiness , mid range priced, being hard to find, celebrities picks & top seller brands . Like :House of Harlow, Wildfox, Alice & Olivia, CC Sky, Belle Noel , Freecity , Winter Kate, Victoria`s Secret & a lot more .

4 – Most of the displayed wardrobe are sporty & casual , does that resemble your personal style?
Not really, but i believe that the daily wears should be casual & not bling bling 24/7 . On the other hand , you did not notice that we do have uncasual wardrobe under the Luxe brand names, but  most of them were soldout , & still we have some , such as : Alexander Mcqueen , Lanvin & some of the most trendable Balmain tops & accessories. Inaddition, to that I believe that it depends on how many customers address their demand as time goes on .

5 – When did you start your business ? 
I started my business On January , 2011 .

6 – Where did you graduated from ? What was your major ? How its related to your business ?
I graduated from Kuwait University, Mass media & communication department , majored in Journalism , graduated in 2005 .
It strongly links to my business through the nonstop evaluating & following up with the fashion updates via TV & magazines , & celebrities news & gossips , which are also my interest.

7 – Have you experienced any difficulties with your business ? How did you get through it ?
Thank God , it goes smooth, with tiny issues only . For example , the custom problems & delays , which has affected the logistical flow of my business in an indirect way! well, its an ongoing issue .

8 – Are you willing to take the next level like opening  an actual boutique ? & how you imagine it ?
Online business & brick -and- mortar business are totally different. Right now all I am interested in is the online business .

9 – Where do you find your business in 5 years ?
I will work hard to push next to the well-known online successful fashion boutiques in the middle east , and becoming the leader in Hollywood Celebrities fashion & top trends .

10 – Do you Have any last word you want to say ?
Thank you for giving me such an apportunity to explain a bit more about the inner Dark Diva . Plus , I appreciate these local talents , efforts & businesses in Kuwait , It need your courage & care to succeed as a pure Kuwaiti concepts & great business minds .


Everyone have to visit it and get something new ..


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