Who Is Your Fashion Inspiration ?

Hello girls ūüôā my post today is very important to girls who love fashion but they can not settle on a certain style. This post might help you girls to decide on a certain look ..

I personally love Sienna Miller’s style she has this 70s classic style, her outfits are always simple and elegent and sometimes she completes it with a¬†Fedora hat. Her style is really simple, easy to be followed, and easy to be found in closets or in affordable boutiques.

Now we move to a younger look, this look is specific for high school/ college girls. I think Miley Cyrus is the best example for that, she is stylish but she always remembers that she is 19 years old, her style is¬†very elegant and comfertable. In this look I liked¬†that she inserted a bright blazer to her¬†dark grey top and black trousers, it maintained her young fresh style. However, I’m in love with her Balenciaga flats.

I like Kate Hudson’s style because she always selects quiet neutral colors, she is always “on the go” but in a very stylish way. Actually I see lots of Kuwaity girls’ style is similar to hers and I’m very PROUD of that.

¬†¬†¬†WATCH OUT GIRLS the queen is here !!!!! THE QUEEN OF ELEGANCE. Evanka Trump is always dressed up like a queen, almost all of her snap shots she looks so elegant and chic. Here in this picture she looks marvelous; love the coat .. love the pumps .. love the hair style .. Girls! if you like to be stylesh as she is believe me you can do it in a minimum budget but remember the “mix and match” theory, in this look she selected gems’ colors and matched them together thats why¬†her look appeared¬†powerful and feminine¬†..

Gwen Stefani has a daring style, not any girl can be her, she has a tomboy sporty style, and because of that she selects quiet dark colors to ease the look ..


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