Bring The Whole Zoo To Your Closet

Hello GIRLZ .. Today I want to remind you about a significant element in fashion which is the “Animal Element” that it formed as: animal prints, furs, feathers, reptile skin, etc. It might be hidden and forgotten in your closet or in the store waiting for you to grab it and wear it. The “Animal Element” can be worn in summer and winter, for casual and formal. But there are some rules to wear it in the most elegant way:

  1. Never use the “Animal Element” to be worn from head to toe otherwise people will think you transformed to a certain creature.
  2. If you wear a dress with animal prints, it is preferred to wear it with plain bag and shoes. As shown here the Mark by Mark Jacobs snake print dress is worn with plain black bag and shoes. 
  3. If you are wearing for example an animal prints top and it happened to be that it colors are very pale you can wear it with bright or electric colored pants or flats it will do a great balance.
  4. Furry jackets or shawls are not only for evening events, you can wear them during the day with simple shirt and a jeans.

All in all, I think that the “Animal Element” adds to the women who wear it the serious, confidant, and strong look. I always recommend a girl on her interview for a job to wear a leopard print shirt or python pumps because it shows the strength of her character and makes her appear smarter.


January 16, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , . By Frequently Chic.

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