Steps toward Nowhere: Part One

Steps toward Nowhere


          SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL, BEAUTIFUL, INNOCENT. SHE WAS HER MOMMY’S ANGEL; EVERYBODY ADORED HER. You can not imagine that this little girl would hurt anyone, she has a pure soul; she is very sensitive girl and being sensitive makes one’s life difficult because every step is made should be accurate, and any wrong step will be like a drop of ink in a transparent glass of water, one slight mistake might ruin your whole life. Yeah, that is true; everyone should be cautious, alert, and careful for every step is made.

 When she was a little she loves everybody around her because she was a child with a pure heart just like any other child, but as the person grows up the love circle shrinks to one person, as the person grows up more and gets engaged with marriage and kids the love circle expands again. Her childhood was nice; however, not free from bumpy roads, it was not completely a safe journey. She had her share of abuse by Kinder Garten teachers; it was verbal abuse. Kids used to bully her because they exploit her behavior of being sweet all the time. She never complained because of her perfectionist parents, who believe in ” when someone hurts you that means that you did something wrong to them because no one hurts without a reason”. She was always in pain and feels lonely; she feels a huge black hole inside of her and it makes her feel miserable. She decided to fill this hole with emotions, lots of emotions for one person. This person is the boy next to her in class.  A sweet boy who loves her too; he always saves a seat for her where ever he goes, and during tests and when the teacher was not looking she used to help him. Those cute details made her feel very happy and content.

In the summer vecation she was riding her bike, she fell of her bike, it was really bad, blood and bruises were all over her pretty little face, her face got swollen in a horrifying way. They toke her to the hospital, nothing was serious but her face looked scary, her beauty vanished under these bloody bruises. She was afraid of looking at the mirror. One morning she was having breakfast with her family, her grandfather was teasing her that she will be ugly forever and she will never get her beauty back again. At the very moment she was thinking of him, remembering how much she misses him, she was imagining that they were together in the sea, splashing water at each other and laughing loudly. But she realized that it will never happen because this is it, she lost her beauty, she will remain ugly forever, and no one will look at her. Because that what her grandfather was telling her at that moment, so she cried and got out of the table. Her mom followed her telling her not to worry, everything will be fine and that she will get her beauty back. Time has passed by and her face got better and better. That year came with a major sport event which was the soccer world cup she was excited, they both turned 10 that year, she collected every picture of every player of every team; she memorized who won the cup each year and who were the 1st and 2nd runner ups, and each country that hosted the big event. All that just to impress him, and to start a conversation with him, and to show him that she is not some silly girl who only cares about dolls and cartoons.


April 19, 2012. Tags: , . Story.

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