Part (2)

Steps toward Nowhere

Years have passed and her feelings for him started to fade; on one summer her family and his family met in the same summer trip by coincidence, and off course they hang out there. Now she is a teenager and she blossomed to a beautiful young lady. However, her interest in him reduced; on the contrary, she was busy with his brother joking, laughing, and teasing each other, his brother is 10 years older than her, but they clicked instantly. She enjoyed her time with him tremendously; actually she enjoyed her time with the whole family. They went to the town’s carnival, they went for a ferry boat trip, and they went to a lousy restaurant with a really bad food. As a matter of fact they had a really great time. A year later, her sister got engaged and the whole family was busy with the big event , in her sister’s wedding party a twist happened, as her family invited his family when she saw him coming, the older brother, tall and handsome. Her heart was beating so hard that she felt it will come out of her chest, she did not know why. She was looking at him as if she was seeing him for the first time in her life, it was the moment when her heart fell for him; it was the birth of a new love, a new life. She fell in love with his brother; however, they teased each other, they hang out together, they got really close despite the age difference between them. She was trying to forget about the feelings that got into her in her sister’s wedding. She knows that it was what it called a “puppy love” but she wanted to “keep her heart busy”, that what she told her close friend. She was afraid of rushing her feelings because it will show in her face, so she decided not to think of the subject a lot so that people around her would not feel anything.

Both her family and his family bonded really well to the extent that they get together in every social event that occur in either of them. Her grandfather held a big family dinner party to celebrate his 40th anniversary. Everybody came to this party dinner including “HIM” and everybody were having a good time;  so she went to the nearest mirror to fix her makeup, as he was approaching, though she did not see him coming, her aunt leaned to her and whispered in her ear: “Are you fixing your makeup to impress him?” she said: “NO!! Why would I do that?!  we are just friends”, and she ran to him, she kissed him and gave him a hug, then she teased him about his ugly floral shirt; though she did that in front of her aunt on purpose, to show her that nothing is going on.

A year passed and her heart is still “busy” with him, but it was still her biggest secret, no one knows except her best friend. Her relationship with him was still considered as “friends”. But she noticed something strange! She noticed that whenever his sister arround he treats her in a different way, he gets really rude with her and he starts to mock in front of every one. She was really shocked by his sudden behavior. She tried to speak to him and ask him what was wrong with him or whether she did something wrong but all she got from him is a complete ignorance. She got really sad and she felt that she lost him and her relationship with him will not be the same any more.


April 22, 2012. Story.

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