Part (3)

Steps toward Nowhere

How strange that a young girl like her has these strong feelings and correct predictions. That what happened later in her life, all I can say that all of a sudden they are not friends any more. A year passed and the gap between them is expanding, he does not speak to her, sometimes he does not say “hi” to her, basically he ignored her completely she came to be nothing to him, a speck in the air, like a vase on a corner table. Every time she sees him, she gets angrier and more furious, so she decided to “to hate him”. Yes. “HATE HIM” that’s what she was telling her heart, she gave it the order to “HATE HIM”. To her heart it was not an order; to her young restless heart was a death penalty, because she will deprive her heart from its only nourishment “his love”. In fact, it was one of the most difficult decisions she had ever made. However, she completed her life, hypnotizing her heart to hate him. She engaged herself with her simple life which was friends, school, and her family.

She tried to focus on her school and friends and tried not to think about him and not making a big deal out of it because there was nothing. However; she misses him and she misses talking to him. Despite the big age difference he used to listen to her and take her seriously and he used to talk to her and tell her everything as if she is a grown up woman. And all of this vanished forever and just like that without any further notice! And she knows that she did not do anything wrong to him. She was also sad because as I said earlier she wants to keep her heart “BUSY” to avoid the verbal abuse that she used to face since she was a little girl untill now in high school, the problem is the abuse now not only from school! She is getting it now from her family! Her brothers, her sisters, and her cousins. She misses him because she used to tell him about that and he used to teach her how to take a stand and how to defend herself. But now as they are no longer friends, that gave her a lesson that no friendship lasts forever and that is OK! The important thing is to enjoy life and as they say: LIFE GOES ON. And she started to think of it the other way, when people abuse her it means that they see the perfection in her that they lack, and that gave her the strength, so she started to ignore them and whatever they tell her she just look the other way and never bother herself to get upset or fight them, because she knows that there is nothing wrong with her.

Finally she graduated high school; she went to college, so happy, so thrilled, at last she might find hot guys that one of them probably steals her heart and makes her forget about her cousin completely. Fortunately, that what happened, she was sitting with a group of friends, when a guy approached to them, and talked to them.  He was tall, tanned, with rough features, and had very beautiful eyes. He was talking with them for long time, suddenly he noticed her and suddenly their eyes got connected for few seconds but to her it was a whole life time, she did not know how and why it happened but she fell in love with his eyes, they were sharp and pointed through her eyes and right to her heart; she felt that both of them were the only two people in the world, all that in few seconds. Finally a new “crush” appeared! She is really happy and she needed that; she wanted a new action in her life and she got what she wanted. She got a lovely reason to make her go to college every day dressed up and she is always in good mood. And every time they bump into each other he looks at her the same way he looked at her the first time: astonished; that she started to laugh at him whenevert he looks at her that way.

The midterms week arrived, one day she was having a very difficult test, her professor have summoned some of his best students to help him monitoring the class to prevent any cheating from happening during the test. He was among the students, watching them; he saw her, she was very confused, because she answered almost all the questions except for one, she was struggling to remember the answer, because she prepared well for this test, but her memory betrayed her. However, he noticed her confusion, and he approached her, she saw him and asked him to help her , she asked him to elaborate that difficult question maybe she will catch a clue from his elaboration that might remind her of the answer. He was VERY  happy because she asked for his help; he not only gave the answer of the remained question, he also corrected some of the answers of other questions. She was very happy, her heart was beating so fast, she did not believe what was happening; not because that she found the answers, but because the person ,whom she likes helped her and he was really generous which means that he likes her too. She called her best friend when she got home and told her what happened earlier in college, she was beyond herself. She was waiting for him to do the next move, she wondered: “What will happen next?” she goes to college everyday with excitement hoping for a miracle to happen but sadly nothing happens, only exchanging looks and smiles; she is too coward to make a move. One day she was sitting with her friends chatting and gossiping, suddenly they started to talk about him and how half of the college girls adore him and that they wish that he would notice any of them. Her smile disappeared and she kept quiet the rest of the day, she was thinking the whole class, the whole day. She spoke to her best friend with a sad voice: “All the girls in college are in love with him.” She did not want that, she wanted a guy just for her not a guy who is like a cake everybody want a piece. She wanted him for her, only her, so she decided to forget about him. She thought that he is the one, but he was not; so maybe next time she will get lucky. However she decided to hunt for a new love.


April 23, 2012. Story.

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