Part (5)

Steps toward Nowhere

The next year, on one morning she had a very bad headache, she toke some pills but did not get any better. Her husband toke her to the hospital, the doctor made some tests on her and ordered a blood test for her; finally the results came and the doctor said loudly: “BINGO” “now we know what’s wrong with you” “YOU ARE PREGNANT”. She felt dizzy, her husband held her, she looked at him, he said with a wide smile: “yes baby its true”. She was happy; she wanted to be a mom since she was a little girl. She started to prepare the baby’s room, and the baby’s layettes. She had a smooth and healthy pregnancy, until the labor time have arrived, she was really scared, but she should not be, because she does not know what it really feels like. She was in labor for the whole day, until the minutes when she was doing “PUSH”. That word announces the time for the baby to come out to the light, to LIFE. After few pushes finally she came out, her baby, crying loudly, her O.B. toke the baby and put her on her mommy’s lab, when the listened to her mommy’s heart beat she stopped crying. She saw her little girl’s face, she carried her, so innocent, so cute, she counted her fingers and toes; ten little fingers, ten little toes and one beautiful face just like her mother’s. She will never forget that blissful day that she became a mother. She was enjoying motherhood, with her little girl, as she was growing in front of her eyes, developing her skills. She started to walk and talk, she was beloved by the whole family, as she was the first granddaughter.

On one evening, she and her little lovely family were invited to a dinner party that was hosted by “HIS” FAMILY, everybody got engaged welcoming her and her husband, they were happy to see her little daughter and carry her around. He was there, it was the first time for him to see her after she got married and he ignored her as usual, she did not care, but what surprised her that he also ignored her husband, he never chatted with him. Every body sat and chatted with him except him, he just sat alone listening to his cousin playing on the piano.

She went for shopping with her sister one afternoon, they decided afterwards to pass by a cafe to grab some coffee, as they were ordering someone entered the place; she saw “HIM” through the mirror that was placed in front of her, he looked the other way pretending that he did not see her, she got mad because she found it rude to behave that way; she have had enough with his rudeness, she calmed herself down and turned her head towards him and said “HI” with a fake smile and he said with an astonishment: “OH, hi how are you, I didn’t notice you” “It’s ok” she replied with a careless tone. They got out of the cafe and headed to the car, as he was still waiting for his order, her sister was looking at him and said: “ I wonder why he is still single !!” she continued “ Maybe he is in love with someone but something happened to his relationship with her, I don’t really know but apparently he is in love with someone”. Those words were a turning point to her; she had a flash memory of every moment of her with him; when they were good to each other until he started to ignore her without an obvious reason. Now she thinks she knows the reason of his ignorance but to prove it she needs to go to her house to think how to prove it. Finally, she arrived her house she ran to her memory box, she grabbed her wedding tape and turned it on, she watched the wedding party until the moment when “HE” and his family arrived he just greeted her and her husband and got out of the hall immediately, she found that strange then she grabbed the wedding album she went through all the pictures; all of his family members toke picture with her and her husband except for him, he did not take a single picture with them; he basically did not participate in her wedding at all. She doesn’t know what that supposed to approve exactly, but this attitude symbolizes either love or hatred and it is not good for both ways.


May 2, 2012. Story.

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