Part (8)

Steps toward Nowhere

On one evening she went out with her friend to an art exhibition and she was having a really great time because she felt that she needs to forget about her dilemma a little bit. So as she was looking at the paintings her eyes got attracted to one of them; the painting was a bit huge that it was the only painting on the wall. The painting was very simple it was a cave and had a dark corridor in the middle of it, she started to stare at the dark corridor trying to reach its last point but she could not because it kept on getting darker and darker. Suddenly she realized that this corridor is not going to end and she also realized that her dilemma is as dark as that corridor and that she must end it, and staying in the dark will take her to nowhere. She got out of the exhibition with a great relief because she decided to set herself free from everything; she decided to improve herself in different aspects, mentally and physically. She went to the gym and addmitted herself to many classes; she decided to learn several foreign languages, she also started to take advanced piano lessons. Her schedule is full she is busy all the day and all the week, moreover, she got pregnant and that was the happiest thing ever happened to her lately because she needed to expand her family and take a good care of them. She is now walking in a wide bright path that it will make her become a better person, a better wife, and a better mother.

THE END     



May 24, 2012. Story.

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