Instagram is Down.

 Instagram Still Down After Storm Cuts Power During Brutal Heat Wave.

Popular mobile photo-sharing service Instagram is still down this morning after violent storms in Virginia knocked out the cloud computing services that run it.

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, which powers sites like Netflix and Pinterest, and SocialFlow, as well as Instagram, was impacted during the widespread power outages that affected the region.

On its EC2 support forum, Amazon posted the following updates about the N. Virginia region:

Jun 30, 1:42 AM PDT We have now recovered the majority of EC2 instances and are continuing to work to recover the remaining EBS volumes. ELBs continue to experience delays in propagating new changes.
Jun 30, 3:04 AM PDT We have now recovered the majority of EC2 instances and EBS volumes. We are still working to recover the remaining instances, volumes and ELBs.
Jun 30, 4:42 AM PDT We are continuing to work to recover the remaining EC2 instances, EBS volumes and ELBs.

Affected users took to Twitter and Facebook to rail against the service outages.

However, the storms that caused the loss of Instagram and Netflix also knocked out power across wide swaths from Indiana to New Jersey, according to the Washington Post. A large portion of the outages centered around Washington, D.C., which has just posted its worst heat wave since 1934, with a temperature of 104. Two deaths have been reported so far, both from fallen trees.

The power outage is expected to last several days.



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