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We are the creators of this blog Frequently Random, we welcome you our valuable readers. We hope by this blog live up to a higher level of information and entertainment. We will try the best we can to update you with the latest things that go on in our world. Our blog has three different characters and each has its own style and personality and their names are: Frequently Chic, Perfectionist, and Scrambled Egg. Each character will identify itself below. We decided to do this blog because we want to try something new and find out where this blog might take us to; and we believe that this blog will educate us and open our eyes to the world; however, this is the only place that allows us to express ourselves freely.

– Frequently Chic

I am very proud to be part of this blog, I love to write about everything and my posts will be about everything that concerns human beings but I add my flavor and chic comments to it. Sometimes my comments will be harsh especially when it comes to “FASHION”, because I believe in beauty and perfection. SO PLEASE DO NOT GET OFFENDED. My passion in life is divided into: Fashion, food, books, and music; so expect more from those four topics. However, enjoy the ride and I hope you guys like ME.

– Perfectionist

I’m “Perfectionist” it’s my name and my lift style. Since I was a little boy I was suffering from this habit, all the kids used to get dirty, staff their mouths with food, and constantly make stupid mistakes. While I was the clean, neat, flawless boy who looks at the other boys with resentment. Therefor, my posts will focus on positive topics and criticize some negative topics. Although my name is Perfectionist, but that does not mean that I am PERFECT.

– Scrambled Egg

I love scrambled egg, I eat it almost everyday & every meal, so my name is Scrambled egg. My posts will be easy to digest just like scrambled egg. I love life and its positiveness, I will highlight on optimistic and happy topics because I believe that we should take it easy in life, as easy as fixing additions scrambled egg. 

Thank you!

P.S:  Please be free to comment on our posts but remember that politeness is required in your comments 🙂



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